Rus Eng
In 15 minutes the military parade dedicated to the Victory in the World
15 minutes before this 3 day old baby will be taken home from the maternity clinic
The run. In 15 minutes the runners will start their distance
Final talk with the godparents. In 15 minutes the sacrament of the Christening of the baby
The 1st of September. In 15 minutes the first tardy bell will ring for the kids and they will become pupils of the primary school.
The bridal couple stands in front of the doors to the registry office. In 15 minutes they will be registered as the husband and the wife officially
This is the final rehearsal. In 15 minutes the curtain will open and annual dance concert will start
Hot air balloons. In 15 minutes all these hot air balloon will stand vertically and fly.
Two opera singers are waiting for their turn in the International Opera Contest. In 15 minutes they will go out to the stage and will sing to the jury and spectators.
The final preparations. In 15 minutes the photo shooting will start,